Comfort in Routine


I love summer. It brings sunshine and warm temperatures; school is out; there is lots of swimming, barbecues and popsicles. My kids seem lighter and let’s be honest, we all get into better moods. Last year, after I was diagnosed with breast cancer my philosophy was to soak up each and every second of summer! I was determined to enjoy the time with my family and throw caution to the wind. This summer, being well, I followed the same philosophy! We did not follow any schedule or routine outside of ensuring each child got where they needed to be at the time they needed to be. My business slowed down (of my own accord) so that I could really enjoy my time.


Let me explain a little, throughout the school year I am a stickler for routine, schedule, consistency and sameness. I pride myself on these things so that my kids can benefit from it. Bedtime and waketime is always the same and the bus came at the same time; drop-off of each child at the same time; my work day started at the same time. You get the picture. My kids have begun to make fun of me because when we get off that schedule, well, “Mean Mommy” takes over!


My goal however is to show my children that being organized and responsible when it is required makes everyone feel at ease. I also want them to not get stressed or anxious when it does not work, hence my loosy-goosy summer! I get that some people will think this is two extremes and may not get the desired effect but quite frankly it has been working so far.


Once summer is over however and the air changes, back to school comes along I EMBRACE the routine. There is tremendous comfort in the routine that is created. It makes me feel like I can predict a little of what is to come for my kids. I know each day how things will unfold, for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, I love spontaneity & weekends are lighter and fun but the beauty of being organized and schedules flowing…this gives me peace.


At the end of the day, what I enjoy is that my family knows where they need to be and when. It will also be comforting for this to be the case should I ever get sick again. Everyone will know their role and that brings tremendous joy, peace and happiness.

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