Who we Are

Meet Sherri

Sherri Rabinovitch had been in a HR corporate role for 14 years when she decided to take her skills and experience into private practice in September 2014 and created The People Guru™. As a HR Specialist, Sherri will provide you with human resources solutions that are taylored to your business needs. It can be training, policy creation and implementation; talent acquisition; change management; performance enhancement of you & your staff. Sherri develops long lasting relationships with her clients in order to stay on top of their needs and ensure continued success. As a career coach, Sherri excels at empowering people to find their lifes’ purpose, through a collection of tools that she carefully crafts for each individual she coaches. Sherri can find ways to optimize the skills you already have and uncover those that are hidden beneath the surface. Sherri’s biggest goal is to empower and encourage women to fulfill their destiny! Her unique approach to life will inspire you to make those changes. Through career coaching with Sherri, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment that will lead you straight to your career aspirations!