Female Leadership and creating your own destiny Part I:Lisa Gertsman

One of the reasons I wanted to start my own business is because I needed an alternative to the situation I was in and the loss of time with my family.  Along the way, it also became about being a strong woman wanting to show other women that we don’t have to have conventional roles as was previously played out for us. As I establish myself in the entrepreneurship world, I get to meet other bright, talented and determined women with the same mission in mind: create their own business while promoting, supporting, encouraging and raising other women up!

In the spirit of my mission, I have created an interview series which will feature Montreal female entrepreneurs who follow the same model.  These women were chosen because they live what they preach…encourage and support other women so they too can be successful and find alternative work.

We are not shackled to the stereotype of traditional roles (social work, nurses, teachers, educators, healers and caregivers to name a few) but we, as women can set a new tone and be ANYTHING WE WANT TO BE. We can live out our wildest career dreams and get paid for it, while still being present for our families and having flexibility and most importantly the freedom to CHOOSE!

Here is Lisa Gertsman’s story click here

Lisa Gertsman is an entrepreneur who started her first business selling vintage clothing at 18. A graduate of McGill, she worked her way up as a marketing executive in different industries—such as; manufacturing, industrial, government, software and enterprise technology consulting and digital marketing. This broad marketing experience directly enabled the creation of her second business. Précision Marketing is an agency that creates compelling customer experiences via business development, marketing, web, social and digital strategy for B2B clients and export development for businesses and government worldwide. Her professional team includes experts in all related fields. Today, after 13 years in business, she’s offering business coaching for smaller businesses and solopreneurs looking to up-level their marketing and sales. To find out more: Visit www.precisionmarketing.org.


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